Monday, January 18, 2010


First of all, a belated Happy New Year to anyone that might actually read this (I don't know if anybody does; to be honest, I very much doubt it given that I don't update very often, don't publicise and rarely have anything of real interest to say anyway!)

Secondly, about this time last year I made my first post of 2009 and noted that I had lost my Swiss Army Knife - I had search high and low for it and it hadn't turned up.  It was replaced shortly there after with another knife from the Victorinox range, and that was that.

Until this week when, as a result of having to clear out some stuff (I'm having the house insulated this week!) the original knife turned up in my bedroom (it had somehow found it's way under a pile of stuff that I hadn't tried lifting when looking for the thing last year)

It now has a new home - I gave it to my Dad as it might be useful in the long car journeys he sometimes makes!

Work is quiet still, and I have been taking a break from my podcasting activities for a while (though I will probably resume recordings next month - I possibly have a rather interesting interviewee lined up for the trading card podcast!)

The only other thing to say at the moment is that I have started to work on the outline for a longer piece of creative writing - I've been pondering a plot idea for the last few years (it's that legendary 'one book' that everyone supposedly has in them) but in a low period over the Christmas/New Year break I sat down and started to actually write an outline - something I haven't done before.
Now all I have to do is write the bits inbetween the 'bullet points' in the outline...

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