Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Projects v 1.5

The netbook project is more-or-less done; I've upgraded the memory, battery and OS (It's now running Windows 7 Home Premium, which is a little more flexible than the previously installed Starter version). It also has OpenOffice and Adobe Photoshop CS2 (which Adobe were offering free!)

The bag project is taking a little longer, but that's fine - I don't want to rush it.  I've sewn a neoprene liner onto the Moquette, added the sides (also neoprene, from a bunch of tablet sleeves found in a local Pound store (everything priced at £1 or less!), and added one half of the magnetic clasp (the other half will be on the flap cover, which I'm working on now).  I'm still dithering about adding a strap to the thing; the sides are made of two pieces of neoprene stitched to the rest of the bag body, with the top open - originally, I though this would make a couple of useful side pockets, but now I'm wondering if I should get some strap webbing and glue/sew it into the pockets to make a shoulder strap...

In other news, I'm now on ello (@paulbines), having been invited by a friend.  Not sure what to make of it yet - it's only my first day on there.

I'm also working on my next trip - Memorabilia in November.  It's a huge collectors show, held at the Birmingham NEC, and it's usually a great opportunity to meet up with a lot of friends in the Non-Sport trading card community (including Harris Toser from Non-Sport Update magazine!)  A group of us are staying in Solihull for the weekend - watch out Solihull - a big bunch of geeks are heading your way!