Sunday, September 20, 2009


I had a brainwave. I recently got one of those little gidgets that the Government is subsidising that is supposed to cut the amount of water used in a shower. Whilst I was fitting it, I thought, I might as well get a new shower head, the one I have having been there since I moved in 17 or so years ago.
A trip to the DIY store got me the showehead (and it didn't cost me anything asI had some internet survey vouchers which covered the cost!) and so I set to work.
All went well; the head fitted the flexible pipe; the gidget fitted at the other end, and water came out when I turned it on. Magic!

This evening, I decided to rinse around the bath using the new showehead - and notived that the flexible pipe is now broken. Doh.
As in computers, so in life - fix one thing, and two other problems arise to take it's place. I'm waiting for the second thing...

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Stand By For Haribo

OK, I can slightly spill the beans now, as the programme in question has been on the air for a few weeks now and the week in which I hada slight involvement is long gone!
Way back in January I auditioned for a new BBC Quiz show entitled "A Question of Genius"; a short time later I was called and asked if I would like to be a standby contestant for the first week of the show, which would mean a trip up to the BBC studios in Glasgow. I jumped at the chance - it's not every day that you ge tthe opportunity to see behind-the-scenes of a TV show, especially not a brand new one!

I was very well looked after the whole time I Was there and the other contestants were a great bunch of people; unfortunately, my services were not required (though those of the other standby were as oen of the contestants lost her voice on the last day of recording!)
During the day, I spent my time in the Green Room watching the recording, drinking lots of tea and coffee and knocking back the Haribo (as well as enjoying the lunch and indulging in a little quiz practice with those contestants who had been eliminated from the various rounds); in the evening, most of the group went to various places in downtown Glasgow and enjoyed great food, conversation and drink (the first night we went to The Ubiquitous Chip, which served fantastic bar food; the next night someone in the group found a pub quiz at The Drawing Room in Sauchiehall Street so we went en-masse, split into three teams and came 1st, 2nd AND 3rd! As well as this, the food was again brilliant; I had Belly of Pork and it was incrediable!)
I won't go int othe technicalities of the show, being brand new, there were still a few loose ends to be shaken out of the format, but the end result was an excellent show which deserves to do very well indeed - I hope it gets recommissioned (especially as I'm hoping to audition again!)
Plus, I got to meet the host of the show, Kirsty Wark, who was friendliness personified - all the contestants said this and she proved it in the brief chat we had on the last day of recording!

At time of writing the show is still on - you'll find it on BBC2 at 16:30 Monday to Friday.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Questions, Questions...

I was in Glasgow this week. Why? I can't tell you - yet!
It was great fun though, and VERY interesting... All I can say (I think) is that I was involved with a new BBC Quiz Show being made by BBC Scotland, and that if the recording sessions I saw is anything to go by, it will run and run and run...

I WILL post about it once the show is on the air, I promise!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Toys and Games

Well, Yesterday was eventful. I collected my LOOOOOOONG awaited new iPod Touch in the morning (paid for almost entirely with gift vouchers gained from online surveys!) and, in the afternoon, I went for an audition for a TV quiz show (I won't name the show or the channel - yet...)
The latter was fun, and a real eye-opener - most of the other auditionees had already been on several other game and quiz shows; contestants form "Mastermind", "Going For Gold", "The Weakest Link", "Eggheads" and "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" (amongst others!) It was interesting hearing them all talk about their various experiences on some of the best known shows in British TV, and I learnt a lot about the process of appearing on a show from them.
Now I just have to wait for the call to tell me if I've got past the audition and onto the show itself...

Saturday, January 03, 2009

See what happens when you neglect something?

New Year, New attempt to keep things updated, so I thought I'd come onto my blog and see about posting something new - first thing I see is that there is a comment I need to moderate - and it's from an old friend I haven't seen in ages and for whom I lost the email address! Hello, John! I'll be emailing you shortly!

Other news - I lost my trusty Swiss Army Knife (but will be replacing it soon-ish); I am so close to getting an iPod Touch (I'm just waiting for Macworld before getting one just in case they announce a memory bump); I have a few potential interviews lined up for the podcast; and I now have The Simpsons Season 10!
So, will this be the year I post more regularly to the blog (any of them)? Only time will tell...