Friday, February 17, 2006

G'Kar G'one.

RIP Andreas Katsulas, who died this week aged 59. A sad loss for all Babylon 5 fans (and for fans of Trek too - he appeared in a number of TNG episodes as the Romulan Tomolok)
I saw him once at a B5 convention in London and he was both thoughtful and amusing.

The blurry image on the left is the trading card he signed for a set of TNG trading cards.


So I now have a Digital Camera - an Olympus C-700 Untra Zoom.
It's only 2.1 Megapixel, but it has a 10x Optical Zoom and plenty of features so it's perfect for the sort of photography I usually do - snapping!
So, in theory, I could start posting pictures from my day to day stuff - but as they will almost certainly be less interestign than the posts I make now I don't think I'll bother...

...unless something REALLY interesting happens!