Sunday, September 20, 2009


I had a brainwave. I recently got one of those little gidgets that the Government is subsidising that is supposed to cut the amount of water used in a shower. Whilst I was fitting it, I thought, I might as well get a new shower head, the one I have having been there since I moved in 17 or so years ago.
A trip to the DIY store got me the showehead (and it didn't cost me anything asI had some internet survey vouchers which covered the cost!) and so I set to work.
All went well; the head fitted the flexible pipe; the gidget fitted at the other end, and water came out when I turned it on. Magic!

This evening, I decided to rinse around the bath using the new showehead - and notived that the flexible pipe is now broken. Doh.
As in computers, so in life - fix one thing, and two other problems arise to take it's place. I'm waiting for the second thing...

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