Sunday, January 02, 2011

Hello again, hello.

Happy New Year to anyone that actually reads this!  MY 2010 has started off well so far - it looks like my temporary job is going to be permanent (which is good for the mortgage); I've ordered a new TV (yes, I've finally entered the modern age of HD TV!) and I have three podcasts ticking over nicely.

I haven't thought about the garden yet - too cold, wet and dark at the moment.  I will be planting again this year, but I'm not sure what - the only thing I know is that I will definately be converting much of the lawn into veg (probably potatoes) and I won't be bothering with the maize I tried out last year.

Anyway, I hope that anyone who actually bothers to check in here from time to time has an excellent 2011, and I hope to be posting more regularly this year (though given my past record on this...)

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