Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Oh No, Not Another Blog...

Given that practically everyone with internet access has probably got a blog of some sort somewhere, I don't suppose my setting up a new one will be of interest to anyone at all - but here it is anyway.

I'll post whenever something I consider interesting happens - I'm not political (that is to say, I have a slight interest in politics, but not enough to pass on my opinions to the waiting world!) and more often than not I'll be moaning about postal deliveries, or bad behaviour or TV, but as there probably won't be anyone reading anyway, it doesn't really matter!

Just in case you HAVE stumbled on this blog before I've had time to post anything else, here is a brief run down on the stuff I'll probably cover - Books (anything from E.F.Benson, Bill Bryson and Agatha Christie to Terry Pratchett, Tom Holt, P.G.Wodehouse - I like books and have rather a lot of them still waiting to be read...), Humour, music (which is varied), the Royal Mail (currently going through 'Interesting Times'!) and anything else that catches my eye.
Au Res.,

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